mealticket_slide2 MEAL TICKET
The “Meal Ticket” program provides players who have purchased a meal during Red Hot Poker Tour tournaments a free ‘break open’ card that reveals two playing cards. The two cards can be combined with a community board revealed on Red Hot Poker Tour, and the individual with the best five-card hand wins. Click here for more details
SkullBounty-Flame BOUNTY HUNTERS
Check with your Region Tournament Directors for Dates & Locations.
Charliewildcard Wildcard Wednesday – Championship Entry Wildcard events are during the Final Week of the Season.
All members are welcome to play, but only Members with a minimum of 10 tournaments are eligible for the Wildcard entry to the Championship (ineligible players get points). Regions that do not have an event on Wednesdays will have their Wildcard on an alternate night.
sweet16 Sweet 16K Birthday Bonus
If you come to play at Red Hot Poker Tour on your Birthday, you sit down at the Tournament with 16,000 Starting Stack!